Houses For Sale OKC- Bathroom Updates

OKC Realtors Share Easy Bathroom Updates For A Fresh Feel

OKC Realtor Tips To Get Rid Of A Boring Bathroom

When you own a house for several years, it can get a little boring looking at the same old stuff day in and day out. Being on a budget can make it more difficult to something about the rooms you’ve grown tired of seeing. For this reason, our OKC realtors have pulled together some information and we recommend starting with one of the easiest rooms in the house; the bathroom. The reason why the bathroom is one of the easier rooms to spruce up is due to its smaller size. It also won’t ring out your wallet.

Here are just a few easy bathroom updates for a fresh feel:

  • Try replacing your old towel bar with a modern one and if you can find matching accent shelves to hang on the wall that’ll give your bathroom wall an extra “wow” factor.
  • Replace the mirror with something a little more fancy looking, but remember a fancy look doesn’t have to mean high cost.
  • Consider giving your cabinets a fresh coat of paint or stain them. You’d be surprised how much just a color change can bring a whole new look to your bathroom.
  • Add some quick and simple pull out shelves to deep cabinets to keep your countertops clear and your storage space more organized.
  • Add a new shower curtain. This one is also simple, but surprising as to how much a new color can brighten up a room!
  • Light fixtures can be replaced for a relatively low cost and can make you literally see things in a “new light”.
  • Add some decorative accents of your choice for pops of color. It can be anything from candles to flowers in a vase.
  • Replace a regular shower head with a handheld sprayer to accommodate the different height requirements of every family member.

Do these ideas sound pretty easy to pull off? If you’re in a rut, our OKC realtors hope that these bathroom upgrade ideas help you get out. What’s even better is that most of the easy fixes don’t cost too much money so you don’t have to break the bank.

If you decide that remodeling just isn’t in the cards, because you’d rather look for new houses for sale in OKC, then feel free to reach out to our realtors at Metro First Realty. Our contact number is 405-242-4004.