OKC realtors- Landscape higher than home

OKC Realtors Warn Against Dangers Of High Landscapes

OKC Realtors: Keeping Your Home Safe

Whether our OKC realtors are looking to help clients buy, sell or rent out their homes, we have to care about the condition of the home. One of the things home inspectors will have us look out for is the outside condition of a home. Did you know foundation issues may be the cause of your raised flower bed? Yes, our OKC realtors learn a great deal of interesting things like this in our line of work! The fact is that when you build your landscape higher than your home, it can cause problems. The issue we’re talking about is water.

Not only are you watering your plants, but you will inevitably let mother nature’s rain do some watering, too. It’s great for the plants, but if your flower bed is higher than your home then you will be watering the house, too. In our experience being OKC realtors, we have seen the side effects of too much water entering a home’s foundation. What happens is that the stone and brick hold on to water, because they are porous materials. Then, the water just penetrates inside the stone or brick which can cause damage to the home.

Water buildup can cause problems such as cracked or damaged foundation, infestations of mosquitoes and other insects, mold, erosion of topsoil that protects your foundation, staining to the exterior of your home, paint damage, and even damage to your plants. As you can imagine, the damage caused by water entering the base of the home could be very costly to the homeowner. If you have a basement, water could be slowly leaking into the basement.

Our OKC realtors take protecting homes very seriously and we hope you will consider taking this advice to think twice before building your landscape higher than the level of your house. If you start thinking about selling your home in the future, having flatter landscaping will work to your advantage and avoid the problems outlined above.

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