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Tips From OKC Realtors On Maintaining Your A/C Unit: Part 1

OKC Realtors Say Keep The A/C Working For New Buyers

Are you planning to sell your house this spring or summer? If so our OKC realtors know that your to-do list probably feels like it’s a mile long, but there is another important thing to consider and that is in regards to your A/C unit. If you haven’t started thinking about getting your central air conditioning unit yet checked, now is the time to just that.

It’s no surprise that this year Oklahomans have already seen warmer than average temperatures and it’s most likely only going to continue. Soon, we all know that the real scorching summer heat is going to be here. You can bet that new home buyers will be expecting a fine-tuned A/C unit so it’s your job as the seller to take the best care of it until the homeownership passes to someone else. Here are a few tips gathered by our OKC realtors to help you get your A/C ready for the long, sizzling summer whether that be for yourself or so that you can sell your home with ease!

#1- Maintaining Proper Airflow: To ensure that you have maximum air flow, keep all the areas around the vents clear. This means making certain that rugs, furniture, or other items are not blocking the vents. Our OKC realtors also recommend keeping your bedroom doors opened so that the airflow will properly circulate throughout the home. The air conditioner will have to work harder to push out more air if the air is trapped. Furthermore, sometimes air ducts can gather moisture if air is trapped in a closed off area which can lead to more serious problems, later.

#2- Keep Away Pets And Pests: Use a safe, eco-friendly pesticide around the A/C unit outside to keep ants and other insects from getting inside the unit. Also, try to keep your pets from going near the A/C unit so as to prevent them from urinating on the unit. Allowing this will cause damage to the outside unit.

These are just a few quick tips from our OKC realtors. There may be other things to think about in regards to maintain your A/C unit, especially if you plan to sell your home this spring or summer! To learn a few more tips, come back and read part two of this series in two weeks!

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