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Tips From OKC Realtors On Maintaining Your A/C Unit: Part 2

OKC Realtors Say Keep The A/C Working For New Buyers

The warmer weather tends to be the best times for real estate transactions. If you’re a homeowner looking to sell you house this spring or summer you have a lot of preparing to do. In part one of this series, our OKC realtors discussed the issue of maintaining your A/C unit as new home buyers will most certainly be looking forward to using that as the heat waves roll in.

To read over our OKC realtors few tips we mentioned in part one, click here. Today, here are a few more tips gathered by our OKC realtors to help you get your A/C ready for the long, scorching heat of summer whether that be for yourself or so that you can sell your home with ease!

#1- Keeping The Outside Unit Clean: Many people don’t think about their A/C unit when they mow their lawn, but you should! To keep your outside unit as clean as possible, try to be more mindful near it when mowing or using the weed eater. Blades of grass can get inside the system which could cause damage. It would be best to shut off the thermostat for the short time it takes to mow. Also, just check regularly to clean off any debris that may gather on or near the unit to prevent damage.

#2- Change Your Filters: This is a simple step that is often put off or forgotten about for too long. It’s important to check and change your furnace filter regularly. This ensures that your A/C unit continues to function properly. Another tip is to set your fan mode on the thermostat to “on” to help clean the interior air.

These are just a few quick tips from our OKC realtors. There may be other things to think about in regards to maintain your A/C unit such as having regular maintenance check-ups and ongoing protection for your unit. Spending some time to give your A/C a once over and following the tips provided could save you some heartache and a lot of money later on.

Our OKC realtors hope that you found this information helpful. If you are looking to sell your home and you’re in need of our OKC realtors for real estate needs, please feel free to call Metro First Realty at 405-242-4004!