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4 Things to Watch for in a Real Estate Listing

4 Red Flags to Look for in a Real Estate Listing

When you begin looking for a house in OKC, there are a number of things to consider as you try finding the right home for you. In all the real estate OKC has to offer, only one property can be “the one.” There are a few red flags to watch for in any home, including:

  1. Structural issues. Though a home might appear perfect from the outside, the bones of it may be a different story. Structural issues can tank an appraisal, cause mysterious price drops, and ultimately make the house less safe. If you notice sloping or bowing in the floor of an old home, or perhaps a home that was once flooded, request a specific structural evaluation.
  2. Crime and neighborhood. If you see a perfect property that has everything on your list but is listed for an unbelievably low price, it’s often too good to be true. A common culprit is crime statistics, and/or undesirable school districts. Depending on your priorities and place in life, this may or may not matter to you. Buying in developing urban areas can mean more house for the money, but it also means exercising caution.
  3. Psychological stigmas. It is true that terrible things do happen in homes across the country. A home might be listed low due to a negative event, such as a death, shooting, robbery, or tragedy. Finding out whether any of these types of events took place, even if the house is not priced low, is important. It could greatly impact the resale value later on.
  4. Being sold “As-Is.” Listings that note “as-is” point toward a seller who is unwilling to make any repairs, and also that the property is significantly damaged or in need of updates. These listings sometimes make good “fixer-uppers” but are rarely (if ever) move-in ready.

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