Buying-A-Home-OKC Realtors

OKC Realtors 3 Financial Tips For Buying A Home

OKC Realtors Preparing You For Buying

It’s now the prime season for real estate! While our OKC realtors will be busy doing what we love best, we know a lot of our customers are are going to busy thinking about buying a new home. Before you can really start thinking about getting into a home loan situation you have to prepare yourself a little bit. That’s where today’s topic comes into play. Our OKC realtors want to share 3 financial tips with our readers which may help better prepare you before you get caught up in the home buying process.

1.) Monitor Your Credit Score: The fact is that you’re going to be better off dealing with loan officers if you have a decent credit score. To get the most value out of the deal aim for a score over 500. The higher the credit score, the most likely it is that your monthly payment will be lower.

2.) Consider Your Down Payment: A lot of  people aim pretty low when it comes to down payments, because moving in itself can be a big expense. Of course, it’s wise to set aside as much as you can to help with your monthly payment situation, as well. Paying at least 5% down is suggested, but it also depends on the cost of the home you’re interested in as higher priced homes may require a bit more capital up front.

3.) Set Aside A Closing Cost Fund: Many times buyers will ask sellers to pay the closing costs and a lot of them will, but in the event that this negotiating ploy doesn’t work out in your favor it would be wise to have a bit of extra money set aside to pay those costs yourself.

Our team of OKC realtors understand that buying a home is one of the largest investments you and your family will ever make, so we want to be certain that you’re truly ready. If you have taken care of all three of the above mentioned financial tips then you just might be ready to get a home loan!

Buying a home has quite a few other steps you might need to consider. Our OKC realtors would be happy to help you get everything in order including helping you to find the best home for your needs!

If y0u need us or want to know more, give our OKC realtors at Metro First Realty a call at 405-242-4004.

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Bungalow Home For Sale In OKC- House Metro First Realty

Metro First Realty Highlights Stunning Bungalow Home For Sale In OKC

Charming Family Home For Sale In OKC

School is out and it’s a wonderful, warmer time of the year that perfect for moving into a brand new home. If you’ve recently started looking for a new, single family home for sale in OKC, there are many options available. Today; however, our OKC realtor team is highlighting one very special bungalow that was recently placed on the market.

This adorable house has 1,971 square feet ready to be filled up with all the final touches that make a home feel like a home! Both the interior and exterior of this stunning bungalow have gone through quite a few upgrades such as newer double pane storm windows, appliances, and a brand new sewer line. If those upgrades weren’t enough, there are several other details to make this home appealing to potential buyers.

Here are some more details this home for sale in OKC has to offer:

  • Huge covered patio (perfect for enjoying a relaxing summer morning or evening)
  • Large living room with wood floors
  • Gas log fireplace
  • 3 spacious bedrooms (Master bedroom on lower level)
  • 2 full baths (with unique, original tile)
  • Small backyard pond and a lot of untouched, open space for adding that personal touch

This 1930’s home has been given a lot of attention over the years and living here would get you close to the following:

  • Interstate 44 for quick access to various OKC locations!
  • Less than 5 minutes to Will Rodgers park and aquatic center (swimming pool)
  • Less than 15 minutes to free splash pad for summer fun
  • Approximately a 5 minute drive to Linwood Elementary School
  • Less than 5 minutes to Taft Middle School
  • Less than 10 minutes to OSU OKC campus
  • Less than 10 minutes to Neighborhood Walmart
  • Less than 15 minutes to Crest Foods

If you’d like to schedule a showing for this home for sale in OKC (3441 NW 19th Street), please contact Metro First Realty by clicking here. As always, our Metro and OKC realtors look forward to helping you find a place to call home!

AC unit- OKC realtors

Tips From OKC Realtors On Maintaining Your A/C Unit: Part 2

OKC Realtors Say Keep The A/C Working For New Buyers

The warmer weather tends to be the best times for real estate transactions. If you’re a homeowner looking to sell you house this spring or summer you have a lot of preparing to do. In part one of this series, our OKC realtors discussed the issue of maintaining your A/C unit as new home buyers will most certainly be looking forward to using that as the heat waves roll in.

To read over our OKC realtors few tips we mentioned in part one, click here. Today, here are a few more tips gathered by our OKC realtors to help you get your A/C ready for the long, scorching heat of summer whether that be for yourself or so that you can sell your home with ease!

#1- Keeping The Outside Unit Clean: Many people don’t think about their A/C unit when they mow their lawn, but you should! To keep your outside unit as clean as possible, try to be more mindful near it when mowing or using the weed eater. Blades of grass can get inside the system which could cause damage. It would be best to shut off the thermostat for the short time it takes to mow. Also, just check regularly to clean off any debris that may gather on or near the unit to prevent damage.

#2- Change Your Filters: This is a simple step that is often put off or forgotten about for too long. It’s important to check and change your furnace filter regularly. This ensures that your A/C unit continues to function properly. Another tip is to set your fan mode on the thermostat to “on” to help clean the interior air.

These are just a few quick tips from our OKC realtors. There may be other things to think about in regards to maintain your A/C unit such as having regular maintenance check-ups and ongoing protection for your unit. Spending some time to give your A/C a once over and following the tips provided could save you some heartache and a lot of money later on.

Our OKC realtors hope that you found this information helpful. If you are looking to sell your home and you’re in need of our OKC realtors for real estate needs, please feel free to call Metro First Realty at 405-242-4004!

AC unit- OKC realtors

Tips From OKC Realtors On Maintaining Your A/C Unit: Part 1

OKC Realtors Say Keep The A/C Working For New Buyers

Are you planning to sell your house this spring or summer? If so our OKC realtors know that your to-do list probably feels like it’s a mile long, but there is another important thing to consider and that is in regards to your A/C unit. If you haven’t started thinking about getting your central air conditioning unit yet checked, now is the time to just that.

It’s no surprise that this year Oklahomans have already seen warmer than average temperatures and it’s most likely only going to continue. Soon, we all know that the real scorching summer heat is going to be here. You can bet that new home buyers will be expecting a fine-tuned A/C unit so it’s your job as the seller to take the best care of it until the homeownership passes to someone else. Here are a few tips gathered by our OKC realtors to help you get your A/C ready for the long, sizzling summer whether that be for yourself or so that you can sell your home with ease!

#1- Maintaining Proper Airflow: To ensure that you have maximum air flow, keep all the areas around the vents clear. This means making certain that rugs, furniture, or other items are not blocking the vents. Our OKC realtors also recommend keeping your bedroom doors opened so that the airflow will properly circulate throughout the home. The air conditioner will have to work harder to push out more air if the air is trapped. Furthermore, sometimes air ducts can gather moisture if air is trapped in a closed off area which can lead to more serious problems, later.

#2- Keep Away Pets And Pests: Use a safe, eco-friendly pesticide around the A/C unit outside to keep ants and other insects from getting inside the unit. Also, try to keep your pets from going near the A/C unit so as to prevent them from urinating on the unit. Allowing this will cause damage to the outside unit.

These are just a few quick tips from our OKC realtors. There may be other things to think about in regards to maintain your A/C unit, especially if you plan to sell your home this spring or summer! To learn a few more tips, come back and read part two of this series in two weeks!

If you are in need of our OKC realtors for real estate needs, please feel free to call Metro First Realty at 405-242-4004!

OKC realtors- Landscape higher than home

OKC Realtors Warn Against Dangers Of High Landscapes

OKC Realtors: Keeping Your Home Safe

Whether our OKC realtors are looking to help clients buy, sell or rent out their homes, we have to care about the condition of the home. One of the things home inspectors will have us look out for is the outside condition of a home. Did you know foundation issues may be the cause of your raised flower bed? Yes, our OKC realtors learn a great deal of interesting things like this in our line of work! The fact is that when you build your landscape higher than your home, it can cause problems. The issue we’re talking about is water.

Not only are you watering your plants, but you will inevitably let mother nature’s rain do some watering, too. It’s great for the plants, but if your flower bed is higher than your home then you will be watering the house, too. In our experience being OKC realtors, we have seen the side effects of too much water entering a home’s foundation. What happens is that the stone and brick hold on to water, because they are porous materials. Then, the water just penetrates inside the stone or brick which can cause damage to the home.

Water buildup can cause problems such as cracked or damaged foundation, infestations of mosquitoes and other insects, mold, erosion of topsoil that protects your foundation, staining to the exterior of your home, paint damage, and even damage to your plants. As you can imagine, the damage caused by water entering the base of the home could be very costly to the homeowner. If you have a basement, water could be slowly leaking into the basement.

Our OKC realtors take protecting homes very seriously and we hope you will consider taking this advice to think twice before building your landscape higher than the level of your house. If you start thinking about selling your home in the future, having flatter landscaping will work to your advantage and avoid the problems outlined above.

If you need us, feel free to give our OKC realtors a call. We can help you buy or sell a home! Reach Metro First Realty @ 405-242-4004.

Gutters- Houses For Sale OKC

Houses For Sale OKC: The Importance Of Repairing Broken Gutters

Helpful Tips If You Have Houses For Sale OKC

When you’re selling a home it can make you feel uptight when the home inspector comes around to examine every inch of the home you worked so hard to maintain. Ordinarily, people probably don’t think much about gutters are so necessary. While taking care of houses for sale OKC is our job, our OKC realtors also love providing customers and readers with helpful tips. That’s why we’re explaining the importance of repairing broken gutters before you sell!

With spring here and rainy weather being predicted it’s a good idea to inspect those gutters. If you ignore broken gutters now, when you list your home in the market with all the competition of other “houses for sale OKC” it might get overlooked. Most likely, the task to repair the gutters would be listed in the home inspector’s TRR (Treatments, Repairs, and Replacements) report anyway.

So, why is it such a big deal? The answer is that gutters keep the base of your home from becoming flooded. The flowing of water away from your home also prevents mold from growing due to lingering water puddles. The standing water created by not having gutters could also bring on an infestation of mosquitos and other insects. Furthermore, without gutters the home’s foundation could become cracked on account of the top soil eroding.

The damage caused by clogged, leaking, or broken gutters is more expensive than if you would have just maintained the gutters in the first place. Keeping up with a simple maintenance routine will keep your gutters working properly and avoid the problems we’ve mentioned. Always keep in mind that your gutters should be cleaned at least twice per year (once in spring and once in late fall).

Now that you know why you should have them, we hope you’ll take our advice to keep your gutters looking their best.

If you’re looking for OKC realtors to help you list your home among the other houses for sale OKC, please don’t hesitate to give Metro First Realty a call!

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Metro First Realty Lists Rare Home and Cottage Combo!

Realtors Selling A Beautiful Home On The Market

Ready to get out of your old house and stretch your legs in a bigger, more spacious home? Our Metro First realtors don’t blame you one bit! Now, normally we talk about OKC realtors and homes for sale in OKC, but we felt that the topic of today’s article was worth bringing attention to it, because the home we’re highlighting is absolutely gorgeous! This rare find just went on the market in Edmond, Oklahoma as of today and our OKC realtors (who also work in the Metro areas) are here to share the listing with you.

You might be thinking “well, what’s so special about this home for sale”?

The answer is that the home has a cottage on the same property! The main home is 2,408 square feet and the cottage provides another 651 square feet. It’s the perfect situation for an extended family member that wants a little privacy.

Here are some more details of the main home provided by our Metro area and OKC realtors:

  • Open kitchen – double ovens, gas cook top, nice island for added counter space
  • Formal dining room
  • 2 living areas
  • 4 bedrooms – (large master suite looking out over a gorgeous backyard)
  • 2 1/2 baths
  • Huge covered patio
  • Storm shelter
  • Underground sprinkler system
  • 3 car garage

Here are some details of the cottage provided by our Metro area and OKC realtors:

  • Spacious living area
  • Full kitchen
  • Utility room
  • One spacious bedroom
  • One private bathroom

This home has been shown a lot of love and living here would get you close to the following:

  • Less than 3 minutes drive to Oak Tree Country Club
  • Close to Cross Timbers Elementary School
  • A 10 minute drive to Mitch Park YMCA
  • A 10 minute drive to I-35 for easy access anywhere!

If you’d like to schedule a showing for this home, please fill out the contact form. As always, our Metro and OKC realtors look forward to getting you into your dream home!


Decluttering- OKC Realtors

OKC Realtors Give Tips For Decluttering Your Home

OKC Realtors: Encouraging You To Get Rid Of The Junk

Let’s face the facts, some people just have a really hard time letting go of inanimate objects. Perhaps, you don’t realize it’s a problem until you find yourself spending hours looking for something that you just can’t find on account of the chaos of clutter. Our OKC realtors are here to help with some information on how to start decluttering your home!

Our OKC realtors think the perfect time to declutter is right around spring time as you might have accumulated even more boxes and random items since the holiday season. If you want a smart point of view on living with clutter turn to Psychology Today which tells us that people tend to feel like life is out of control when they surround themselves with with more things than they can manage. Does that sound like a good reason to declutter your world?

Here’s our OKC realtors’ checklist of how to get started in the decluttering process:

1.) Make A Plan: Decide which rooms you want to tackle. Rate each area with a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the lowest priority and 10 being the places in your home with the most clutter. This will help you prioritize your time, allowing you to start working in the rooms with the most junk, first. You can also spread out the decluttering project by planning it out over the course of a week that way you can complete one room at a time.

2.) Make A Sorting Station: Make at least 3 piles, bags, or boxes; whichever is easiest for you. Label your boxes, bags, or piles as “keep”, “get rid of”, and “storage”. Start separating items. Keep in mind that some items can be recycled and should be if you can do so. You might need a separate bag for any trash you might find as you go. If you just can’t bring yourself to get rid of anything via donations, consider having a garage sale or posting items for sale online.

3.) Power Through: On occasion you might have taken all the steps necessary to declutter and then you find yourself questioning whether you should really throw “this or that” out. Stay strong and power through! You can do this! If you haven’t used something in over 6 months to 1 year then it’s probably a good time to get rid of it. If you have to even ask yourself where “such and such” even was all this time, then it’s still a good sign that it needs to go. You haven’t missed it or needed it in that time frame so chances are you probably don’t need it now.

Now, our OKC realtors aren’t saying you have to become extreme minimalists or anything, but it may just make you feel better about your living space if you can breathe a little easier. Just think, getting rid of the junk will mean that you have less stuff to worry about if you ever move, less stuff to clean up regularly, and more time to enjoy your home without being overwhelmed.

Metro First Realty wishes you all good luck and we hope you will have a great spring!

Real Estate Listing - houses for sale in okc

Top 3 Reasons Houses For Sale In OKC Aren’t Selling

Houses For Sale In OKC: Why Your Listing Is Still Listed

Sometimes it can be nerve-racking when you have houses for sale in OKC, especially if you have one or more listings that haven’t budged in months. There are several factors to consider in instances when your listings aren’t getting swept off the market. If you’ve found yourself in this boat stay tuned to learn more about the top reasons why your listing may still be listed.

The #1 Reason: The top reason why your houses for sale in OKC aren’t being purchased is usually due to the price you have set. Setting your price too high is a common mistake most home sellers make, because they get enthusiastic about selling. Perhaps, it’s that you just didn’t research well enough for the selling price of other homes in the area. This is when having a trusted resource would come in handy.

The #2 Reason: The second most common reason for homes not selling is due to the home not being up to par against some of the newer, shinier looking homes. The condition of your houses for sale in OKC is something to be mindful about as there is a lot of competition out there. Make sure you’ve at least managed to make the floors look decent, the paint job look nice, and the outside absolutely must look good as this is the first impression people will have of the home.

The #3 Reason: Sometimes, it’s nothing you have or haven’t done at all that prevents your houses for sale in OKC from actually selling. The fact is that at times the buying market slows down. Perhaps, this is due to too many houses being for sale at once without enough active buyers. Other times it may be due to the time of year. The best thing to do is either wait it out or lower your price.

If you’re trying to sell your home on your own this could be part of your problem, too. Overall, your listing agent has a lot to do with how well houses for sale in OKC move off the market. You really should try to find an OKC realtor with experience and one that is well respected to help you get your home sold.

If you’re a home seller looking for someone to help sell your property, feel free to give Metro First Realty a call at 405-242-4004 or contact us right here.

okc realtors

OKC Realtors HelpIng You Fall In Love With A New Home

OKC Realtors: Finding You A New Home For Valentine’s Day

OK, ladies and gentlemen it’s time to listen to this message. Not everyone wants a box of chocolates or a bouquet of roses for Valentine’s Day. Perhaps, what your lover really wants is a new place to call home, instead. Is that so wrong? Our team of OKC realtors understands! While retailers love to push their traditional gifts upon you, most of you would be far more impressed with something that’s more meaningful and long-lasting.

Imagine telling your significant other that you’re planning on moving to a better location. It’s like you’re going to suddenly become a modern version of Shakespeare right before their very eyes! The good news is that OKC Realtors has something for everyone. The city itself is booming with many unique, fun activities all year long. Luckily, our OKC realtors have a lot of places on the market to show you in this wonderful city so there’s many options for all you to choose from!

Our OKC realtors have a list with a little bit of everything. We have homes with big back yards for those with children and then there are simple, small homes for those that like intimate living spaces. We love to help families find just what they’re looking for, especially around Valentine’s Day! So, rather than falling into the same routine with your significant other this February, consider looking for a brand new home, instead to really give the love of your life a really big surprise.

If you need help finding your dream home, our OKC realtors might just have what you’re looking for and we’re here to help you in any way we can. If you’re interested in setting up an appointment to see any of our houses for sale in OKC, please give Metro First Realty a call @ 405-242-4004 or click here to choose a lovely location from our list of properties.