OKC Realtors Share Christmas Light Safety Tips

OKC Realtors: Stringing lights up

Christmas time is almost here and you might want to get a head start on hanging some Christmas lights outside. Lights are a big part of the holiday decorations for most people, but it’s important to follow safety tips to avoid accidents. Did you know that aside from Christmas tree lighting issues, outside lights cause hundreds of severe, tragedies on an annual basis due to being improperly hung? Before you hang your lights test them out to make sure they work! House fires caused by lights isn’t any realtor’s idea of a good time. That’s precisely why our realtors put together a few helpful Christmas light safety tips.

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Plain and simple, you have to read them!
  • Make sure lights are plugged into a circuit protected by a ground fault circuit (GFCI).
  • Don’t use sharp fasteners to hang light sets (nails, staples, hooks).
  • Never cover light sets with cloth or paper.
  • Never use frayed or damaged cords.
  • Never use strings with cracked or broken bulbs and sockets.
  • Don’t use light sets designed only for indoor use outdoors.
  • Verify extension cords are rated for number of light sets and the distance involved.
  • Make sure that the extension cord is also plugged into a GFCI outlet.
  • Replace any lights that go out.

In addition, keeping the lights unplugged until you have them all strung is the safest bet. If you’re planning on hanging your own lights our realtors would encourage you to keep ladder safety in mind as well. Our OKC realtors advise on using a good, sturdy ladder and make sure it’s on level ground before you start climbing up to the roof! It might not hurt to have a helper so you don’t have to climb up and down the ladder too much.

Our realtors love Christmas lights as much as you do, but we also love safety. On behalf of our realtors at Metro First Realty, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season!