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OKC Realtors Give Tips For Decluttering Your Home

OKC Realtors: Encouraging You To Get Rid Of The Junk

Let’s face the facts, some people just have a really hard time letting go of inanimate objects. Perhaps, you don’t realize it’s a problem until you find yourself spending hours looking for something that you just can’t find on account of the chaos of clutter. Our OKC realtors are here to help with some information on how to start decluttering your home!

Our OKC realtors think the perfect time to declutter is right around spring time as you might have accumulated even more boxes and random items since the holiday season. If you want a smart point of view on living with clutter turn to Psychology Today which tells us that people tend to feel like life is out of control when they surround themselves with with more things than they can manage. Does that sound like a good reason to declutter your world?

Here’s our OKC realtors’ checklist of how to get started in the decluttering process:

1.) Make A Plan: Decide which rooms you want to tackle. Rate each area with a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the lowest priority and 10 being the places in your home with the most clutter. This will help you prioritize your time, allowing you to start working in the rooms with the most junk, first. You can also spread out the decluttering project by planning it out over the course of a week that way you can complete one room at a time.

2.) Make A Sorting Station: Make at least 3 piles, bags, or boxes; whichever is easiest for you. Label your boxes, bags, or piles as “keep”, “get rid of”, and “storage”. Start separating items. Keep in mind that some items can be recycled and should be if you can do so. You might need a separate bag for any trash you might find as you go. If you just can’t bring yourself to get rid of anything via donations, consider having a garage sale or posting items for sale online.

3.) Power Through: On occasion you might have taken all the steps necessary to declutter and then you find yourself questioning whether you should really throw “this or that” out. Stay strong and power through! You can do this! If you haven’t used something in over 6 months to 1 year then it’s probably a good time to get rid of it. If you have to even ask yourself where “such and such” even was all this time, then it’s still a good sign that it needs to go. You haven’t missed it or needed it in that time frame so chances are you probably don’t need it now.

Now, our OKC realtors aren’t saying you have to become extreme minimalists or anything, but it may just make you feel better about your living space if you can breathe a little easier. Just think, getting rid of the junk will mean that you have less stuff to worry about if you ever move, less stuff to clean up regularly, and more time to enjoy your home without being overwhelmed.

Metro First Realty wishes you all good luck and we hope you will have a great spring!