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OKC Realtors: Is a Fixer-Upper for you?

OKC Realtors: Should you buy that fixer-upper?

It can seem romantic, a beat-up old house sitting in a quaint neighborhood. You eye it while house-hunting and get an idea. You’ll buy this old, run-down house and renovate it to look better than new! And it’ll be cheaper than buying a new home! Well, it might be! But there are some factors to consider. If you want it for some of the reasons below, then OKC Realtors says goes for it!

Because it’s a bargain: The obvious reason you want to but a fixer-upper is that it’s a bargain. Fixer-Uppers are often cheaper than buying a new home. But, as the name suggests, it needs work. Before you buy, make sure the home’s needed repairs aren’t going to be too expensive. Having good DIY skills also helps keeps these costs down. Speaking of DIY

Because you want a DIY project: Doin many of the repairs yourself not only keeps costs down, but it can be a great way to add character to you home and make it truly yours. Some people love the challenge and freedom that comes with doing these repairs and renovations. If your DIY skills are not as good as they could be, you’ll have to pay for more professional help which may drive up the price of this bargain fixer-upper.

You want to flip the house for profit: Buy low, sell high, some of the oldest advice you can get. Buying a fixer upper can be one of the easiest ways to make a profit on a house. Assuming you can do most of the renovations your self and the house itself hasn’t degraded too much, buying a fixer-upper can be a really solid investment.

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OKC Realtors: Are foreclosures cheaper?

OKC Realtors: Is it really cheaper to buy a foreclosed home?

Buying a home is all about balancing the perfect set of features with price. This might make foreclosed home look more attractive as common wisdom says they’re cheaper, but are they? Well, OKC Realtors is here to set the record straight.

According to most data, it is actually cheaper more often than not to buy a foreclosed home. Depending on where you buy the home, it may be anywhere between 18 to 59% cheaper than surrounding homes. And while this initial price reduction might make the home seem like a steal, there are a few things to consider when buying a foreclosed home.

Foreclosed homes often show signs of stress and neglect. People who get behind on payments often stop taking care of the home as well. The previous tenants may have also become upset at losing their home and done damage to the home on there way out. Banks are not likely to fix these damages either. The other thing to keep in mind is who owns the home in the case of a foreclosure. Unlike other homes, foreclosed homes are owned by a bank. Homeowners will try to make small improvements to help increase the value of their home. Banks are usually just trying to recoup losses on a foreclosed home and are less likely to make these improvements as a homeowner will. Before you buy a foreclosed home, make sure that it hasn’t deteriorated to the point that it’s not worth the price cut to make it livable. The home may be cheaper up front, but if the home has been left idle long enough, it might cost more to renovate the home than to just buy a new home!

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OKC Realtors: Major Winter Problems for Homeowners

OKC Realtors lays out major problems to be aware of this winter.

Winter is here, and that means cold, dry weather. While this means alot of good things: Snow, Christmas cheer, holiday dinners, football. It can also mean some real trouble for your home. OKC Realtors has some major issues to watch out for this holiday season.

Tree Branches: Ice and snow place alot of extra stress on tree branches. This extra stress leads to an increased chance that these branches will snap. If one of those tree limbs happens to be around your home it can deal some real damage. Keeping dead limbs trimmed off your tree whenever possible can help insure your house is not damaged by a rouge tree limb. Falling tree limbs can damage fences, gutters, roof tiles, and other landscape additions.

In-Ground Automatic Sprinklers: While very convenient in the summer, automatic sprinklers can freeze and leak in the colder months. You can avoid this problem by draining and winterizing your sprinkler system. The last thing you want in freezing temperatures is a soaked lawn!

Burst Pipes in General: Burst pipes can cause extensive damage around this time of year. Faucets located outdoors are especially vulnerable to this kind of damage. Making sure your pipes are properly insulated is key to making sure they don’t freeze and burst. Keeping cabinet doors open and the heat up also helps insure pipes don’t freeze. Letting the faucet drip slightly when you expect a freeze can also help prevent freezing and bursting pipes.

Those are just some of the dangers to be aware of as a homeowner. If your in the market to sell your home or your looking to become a homeowner, let the experts at Metro First Realty OKC, OKC Realtors, help you find the perfect home! Call us today at  405-242-4004!

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OKC Realtors: Tips for setting up those Christmas lights!

OKC Realtors: How to Safely String up Christmas lights

Christmas is fast approaching, and that means Christmas Decorations are out in full swing! You may be feeling the urge to get those lights set up. For most people, lights are a big part of their decorations. It’s important however, to follow some important safety rules when putting up these gorgeous decorations. Aside from Christmas tree lighting fiascos, outside lighting issues cause hundreds of severe tragedies on an annual basis from improper hanging? The first thing you should do is test your lights to make sure they work, even before you hang them up. A burning house isn’t anyone’s idea of a christmas miracle. OKC Realtors has a few more tips to help you decorate safely.

  • Follow Instructions. Not hard to do and can save you a not-so-happy accident!
  • Make sure the lights are plugged into a plug with a ground fault circuit (GFCI).
  • Don’t hang lights with sharp fasteners. (Nails, Staples, Hooks, etc.)
  • Never use cloth or paper as a cover
  • Never use a frayed or damaged cord.
  • Additionally, never use cracked or broken bulbs and sockets.
  • Check to make sure the lights are designed for outdoor use.
  • Check your extension cords are fray free and that they can handle the load you put on them.
  • Again, make sure those extension cords are plugged into a GFCI outlet.
  • Replace any lights that go out.

In addition, keeping the lights unplugged until you have them all strung is the safest bet. If you’re planning on hanging your own lights our realtors would encourage you to keep ladder safety in mind as well. Our OKC realtors advise on using a good, sturdy ladder and make sure it’s on level ground before you start climbing up to the roof! It might not hurt to have a helper so you don’t have to climb up and down the ladder too much.

Additionally, keep the lights unplugged until you have them all strung up. It’s the safest way to hang them! If you plan to hand your own lights OKC Realtors would also encourage proper ladder safety. OKC Realtors advise on using good, sturdy step-ladder and make sure to place it on level, steady ground. It also helps to have a helper hold the ladder while you climb up.

Our OKC Realtors love Christmas lights as much as you do, but they’re not worth risking an accident. On behalf of our realtors at Metro First Realty, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season!

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OKC Realtors How to protect from Freezing pipes

Now that we’ve had a couple of freezes this year, it’s a good time to talk about freezing pipes. Freezing pipes are not only inconvenient because they stop water flow, they can also lead to major damage to your home from bursting pipes. OKC Realtors is here with a few tips to protect your home from freezing pipes this year.

1.) Keep the heat on: Obviously, keeping the heater on in your place is one of the simplest ways to prevent freezing, while also keeping you warm as well! If your going to leave for an extended period, leaving the heater on so that your home or apartment does not fall below 50 degrees is sufficient to keep your pipes from freezing.

2.) Keep Interior doors open: Pipes are often located in cabinets. This can insulate them from the heat of your home and make them freeze even if it’s perfectly warm in your home. When it get cold, keep these cabinet doors open to let the heat in for  the pipes.

3.) Allow the faucet to drip: If you think your pipes might freeze, like during the night when your sleeping, allow the faucet to drip slightly. This will relieve pressure on the water system. Whenever a pipe bursts, it’s because the freezing creates pressure within the pipes. This pressure will build up and eventually bust the pipe. Allowing your faucet to drip keeps that pressure from building up and keeps your pipes intact.

4.) Add Extra Insulation: Pipes are often located in areas that don’t have proper insulation like basements. You can add extra insulation to these areas to help keep the pipes warm and prevent freezing. You can also outfit your pipes with Foam rubber or fiberglass sleeves to directly insulate the pipes. This can get pretty expensive if the pipes aren’t already exposed though. OKC Realtors doesn’t recommend tearing out your walls to insulate a few pipes, instead try one, or all, of the previous methods.

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Houses For Sale OKC & Finding The Right Realtor: Part 2

Hunting Realtors & Houses For Sale OKC

Being a great realtor isn’t always an easy job to pull off. Of course, you wouldn’t have wanted to hire someone to help you with your real estate needs if you could do it all by yourself, however; that doesn’t mean you want to settle for just anyone to help you. Hunting realtors and houses for sale OKC is an exhausting job for sure and if you’re in the market then you need someone fantastic to help you seal the deal.

In part one of this series our Metro First Realty team provided a few tips on what to look for in an experienced realtor as we know you want someone reliable. In part two of this series, we’re going to provide you two more things to look for in the realtor you’re going to have helping you with your real estate needs.

  • Skills: You want to make sure the person you’re hiring is skilled at speaking with all important third parties. For example, the OKC realtor you choose should have great communication between the sellers or buyers. Additionally, they should be able to help you with aspects of the loan process and handling the loan officers.
  • Availability: There’s nothing more frustrating than having a realtor who never answers their phone calls. You want to make sure that your realtor is the type of person that will actually answer voicemails. Of course, only if you’re calling at a reasonable hour.

When researching the internet you might type in “houses for sale OKC”. You could try to look for homes on your own, but keep in mind that you’ll most likely still be dealing with a listing agent and need to converse with a loan officer. Having a professional on your side with the skill set and knowledge to maneuver through all the paperwork is very helpful.

Metro First Realty strives to provide you with realtors willing to meet your needs! If you’re interested in having a reliable realtor on your side, please feel free to give us a call @ 405-242-4004.


Houses For Sale OKC & Finding The Right Realtor: Part 1

Hunting Realtors & Houses For Sale OKC

A great realtor may be hard to find even though there are a lot of them out there to be found. You may have looked for one already only to find that the one you found didn’t work out for you. If you’re hunting realtors and houses for sale OKC then you’ve come to the right place.

Here at Metro First Realty we don’t just want to present ourselves through websites, yard signs, and ads. Instead, we have dedicated agents willing to work side by side with you until you’re real estate experience is complete. In case you’re not sure what you should be looking for when it comes to finding an experienced realtor, we’re here to offer you a few tips.

  • Licensing: Of course, everyone we have listed is properly licensed, but to put your mind at ease you can always double check with the state’s regulatory body to make absolutely certain that the person you’ve met with is licensed and whether or not there have been any complaints against said person.
  • Experience: It’s not a bad idea to know how much experience your realtor has in the industry. How many years have they been at this? Feel free to ask about this and don’t be afraid to ask has many questions about the houses for sale OKC as you wish to know, because a well-versed agent should know the answers or be able to get the answers to you as soon as possible.

When Googling “houses for sale OKC” keep in mind that you’ll be open to a whole slew of possibilities, but they may not always be the most up to date results. The responsibilities of a great realtor include weeding out information that is old and providing you with the latest real estate listings to hit the market.

Overall, you want someone who will be professional, keep you in the loop, and basically do the “walking” for you. Metro First Realty strives to provide you with a plethora of realtors willing to meet your needs! If you’re interested in having a reliable realtor on your side, please feel free to give us a call @ 405-242-4004.


Houses For Sale OKC: When To Hire An OKC Realtor

Houses For Sale OKC: 3 Reasons To Hire A Professional

If you’ve searched “houses for sale OKC” on your own and you haven’t had much luck we’re here to help. There are many advantages to hiring a professional OKC realtor to help you out. We know there are a lot of people that like doing things by themselves, but there are many people who could benefit from having a realtor and they may not even realize it. We put together this list of 3 reasons to hire a professional OKC realtor.

Here are some things to consider when looking for houses for sale OKC and when thinking about hiring an OKC realtor:

1.) Houses For Sale OKC- Finding “The” House: In this digital world it is possible to search houses online on your own, but you could find yourself driving to multiple homes that you think you’re interested in only to find duds. Our OKC realtors try to get to know you from the start of your buying experience so they can help you find open houses, get you connected with worthy sellers, and cut out home showing that don’t match your wish list.

2.) Houses For Sale OKC- Negotiating On Price: Not everyone prices their homes correctly. A great realtor will know when a price is simply too high. The experienced real estate agents know the ins and outs of the local market and knows how to negotiate price with counteroffers based on those specifics. By hiring a realtor, you will avoid being sucked in by manipulative sellers.

3.) Houses For Sale OKC- Smoother Purchasing Process: A professional OKC realtor can work through the sale process efficiently, help with working out financing issues, and deal directly with the sellers. This way they can keep everything chugging along, making the purchasing process much smoother.

This time of year isn’t everyone’s favorite time to be buying a home, but the need may still be there. If any of the above scenarios sound like something you would like to have help with, Metro First Realty can help. If you need an OKC realtor give us a call at 405-242-4004.