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3 Big Questions to Ask a Realtor During a Walkthrough

Questions for Your Realtor During a Home Viewing

When looking for a house in OKC, many hopeful homebuyers walk through a home focusing on the good things and aesthetic aspects without recognizing common pitfalls that can cause serious and expensive issues later. Three important categories cover the most important things to ask your agent about a home, including:

  1. Price. What is it based on? What have other homes sold for nearby? This helps you to gauge how much you should offer. Additionally, ask how much the seller paid and how much they owe. If it is a short-sale property where the owner owes more than he or she is asking, they likely won’t cover any closing costs or make any repairs. It is better to know this going in.
  2. Condition. Obviously, when you look at a house you are making your own assessments of the condition. However, there is more to this than meets the eye. Ask when the home was last inspected, how old the roof is, how old the HVAC is, and if the structure has ever been evaluated. Additionally, it helps to know if the home has ever flooded and if there is risk of it happening again.
  3. Neighborhood. There are a few important things to know about the neighborhood. How are the schools? What is the crime rate? Additionally, you will likely want to know if there are any inconveniences, such as noisy streets, terrible neighbors, or traffic bottlenecks. Your agent may not be able to find out every detail you would like to know, but they can help you find out as much as possible.

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