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OKC Realtors: Gardening for Curb Appeal

OKC Realtors: Getting your garden in shape

As realtors the first thing OKC Realtors notice about a home is its curb appeal, how does the house look from the road? One of the easiest things you can do to boost the curb appeal of your home is to plant a small garden. People love not just flowers, but trees and shrubs. Here’s our spring time tips for increasing the curb appeal of your home with a garden, especially if your starting from scratch

1.Clearing Room for your new garden the OKC Realtor way

If you don’t already have a flower bed that means you’ll have to clear a portion of your lawn of grass and weeds. You may have to use a technique called layer where you spread news paper to smother the grass. It’s a technique used by many gardeners when they start a new garden.

2. Learn the enemy

Weeds can be a garden’s worst enemy, taking up space and resources that you want going to the plant you put there on purpose. But sometimes it’s not as easy as just pulling up the offending weed. Learning the different kinds of weeds and how best to deal with them will help you grow a beautiful garden.

3. Know your soil

We don’t think about dirt very often but if your going to grow your garden you’ll have to learn about getting nutrients into your garden. You garden will draw it’s nutrients from the soil so making sure it’s full of nitrates and food for you plants is imperative. OKC Realtors recommend that you provide nutrients to your garden through composting, it’s cost effective and will reduce the waste you throw away. Once you’ve gone to all the trouble to get rid of all your weeds you can use a landscape fabric to prevent them from coming back.